As you may have noticed, in order to order 16% Carbamide Peroxide teeth whitening gels from our online store in France, you need to enter an RPPS number.


RPPS stands for"Répertoire Partagédes Professionsde Santé".

It is a unique directory created in 2009 that allows to identify all health professionals in France. Among them are doctors, dental surgeons, pharmacists and physiotherapists.

The objective is to reference a total of 21 professions in the medical world.

The RPPS number is composed of 11 digits and is assigned upon first registration with the Ordre des Médecins.

Its objective is to simplify the administrative procedures for health professionals, as they will be able to use it throughout their professional career, regardless of where or how they practice their profession.

Not only is this number unique but it is also shared. This means that you can consult all the RPPS numbers of French health professionals on the website under the heading free access extractions


We remind you that the practice of tooth whitening is governed by European legislation.

All products containing a hydrogen peroxide dosage of no more than 0.1% are sold over the counter. They can therefore be used by individuals, beauticians, beauty salons and other professionals who work in the cosmetic world.

Beyond this dosage, the European Directive 2011/4 stipulates that tooth whitening products can be used for health treatment for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes. But they must be used by a dentist or be supervised by him.

In concrete terms, your dentist can prescribe a dental gel with a dosage of between 0.1 and 6% hydrogen peroxide as a treatment, provided that you comply with the safety instructions that he or she will give you in the treatment.

On our site, you will find gels with 16% Carbamide Peroxide, which is the equivalent of more than 5% Hydrogen Peroxide. This is the reason why they are not available over the counter. In order to order them, you must enter a RPPS number proving that you are a health professional.

The RPPS number is specific to the French market. For customers outside of France, it is possible to order 16% gels without entering this number.

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