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Immediate results

Immediate results

White Care tooth whitening gel gives you results in just 15 minutes

Secure products

Secure products

Our whitening gels comply with the European directive 2011/84/EU and are controlled each year in a French cosmetic laboratory.

A smile at the best price

A smile at the best price

French specialist in dental bleaching for 10 years, our credo is: SAFETY - EFFICIENCY - BEST PRICE.

Teeth whitening at home

To have white teeth quickly and safely without leaving your home!

In-house dental whitening

For safe at-home tooth whitening, trust WHITECARE products. With our whitening kits, you will benefit from safe, easy-to-use and effective products from the very first session. These complete kits have been developed for you for more than 10 years and will provide you with a lot of care

Our teeth whitening gels are legally compliant, have the latest scientific formulation and are certified as compliant every year. To keep your teeth bright, you can discover our range of accessories and also our maintenance products with a choice of whitening pen, toothpaste foam or charcoal for the teeth.

More products for individuals

Professional and American teeth whitening

To whiten the teeth of your customers effectively with customized kits, training and quantity discounts!

For professional use

WHITECARE is the partner of choice for professionals who want to start a dental bleaching business. You will find our selection of CE-certified teeth whitening lamps as well as complete packages, some of which include training for successful treatment

Whether you are health professionals, beauty salons or beauticians, you will have teeth whitening kits adapted to your practice. If you need to restock to carry out your treatments, you can make your own selection from among all our products: gels, trays, professional color charts, cleaners, maintenance, accessories, etc. Your satisfaction and that of your customers is our goal.

More products for professionals

They live life to the fullest!

What our customers say

Super super product, it really works moreover I bought the material with products and the training, a very qualified and very pleasant person made it to me, I succeeded the bleaching without problem thanks to her, communication with the staff of Whitecare very professional, I had answer to my mails every time directly. I recommend 300% whitecare and thank you to them

Reviewed on 04/12/2021 by Johanna N.

I have been a loyal customer of white care for 1 year and I do not regret it. White care has always been fast in its deliveries and its products are of an incredible quality

Reviewed on 11/28/21 by Maëlle K.

I did not find better? Before ordering from you, I tried several times in other stores and on Amazon. Nothing to see!!!... After 3 sessions of 20 minutes my teeth became white even though I smoke, I like good wines and I drink coffee. You can order with your eyes closed. Thank you whiteCare? I will be back!!!

Reviewed on 05/08/21 by Ali G.

Teeth whitening with Whitecare

Some people can be self-conscious about their teeth, and it's no secret. Without a bright smile, it can be difficult to feel confident in front of others. You may feel the need to put your hand over your mouth every time you smile on a date, in a job interview or in a conversation with a neighbor. This phenomenon has increased in recent years with the explosion of social networks on which the majority of faces are seen and of telecommuting with face-to-face video conferencing.

Nowadays, it is no longer difficult to have a beautiful smile. From veneers to braces, orthodontic treatments are available, no matter what your age. Sometimes all you need is to whiten your yellowed or stained teeth. If you're one of those people who can't smile for the camera because your teeth are discolored, you can regain your self-esteem with a few teeth whitening sessions.

Over time, your teeth lose their initial color because of your dental hygiene, the consumption of tobacco, coffee, tea, soda or other factors related to age and genetics. But this is generally not irreversible because there are several solutions, more or less effective, to regain a bright smile:
- home tooth whitening with natural remedies;
- home tooth whitening with products containing active agents to lighten teeth;
- professional tooth whitening in a beauty salon;
- tooth whitening at the dentist.

N.B. Smile bars have disappeared in France following the evolution of the regulations which reserved the use of gels with more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide exclusively to health professionals. Since many of these bars were using this type of gel, they were forced to close down.

First of all, before any teeth whitening, it is strongly recommended that you have your teeth scaled by visiting a dentist. However, you can also do it at home with an ultra sound scaler, but since this type of care is reimbursed by the health insurance, you would be better off doing it at a dentist who will be the most competent in the matter and who will be able to remove 100% of the tartar from your teeth.

Your oral hygiene is an important element in the process of brightening your teeth. Regular, quality brushing, using an electric toothbrush, after every meal is required to remove all stains and thoroughly clean your teeth.

In-office teeth whitening is the most professional solution because it is performed by a dentist who will be able to evaluate the quality of your teeth and suggest the best products to whiten them. However, this represents a substantial budget of several hundred euros that is not reimbursed by the health insurance since it is considered as "comfort". Several types of care exist such as dental bleaching in a dental chair with different techniques (veneers...) or in ambulatory.

Dental whitening in a beauty salon is a very interesting option because the cost is much lower (between 100 and 200€) and the use of professional LED lamps to activate the whitening process boosts the results. The support of beauty professionals is also a guarantee of safety and they will advise you throughout your treatment to improve and maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

There are also many articles on the web to whiten your teeth naturally: baking soda, lemon, coconut oil, turmeric, etc. It is important to know that there is, to date, no scientific study worthy of the name that confirms the whitening power of all these natural remedies. On the other hand, some of them can damage your tooth enamel. Indeed, the quality of your enamel is different for each individual, as is their "health" and, depending on your teeth and the way you use these natural remedies with mixtures that everyone invents without the slightest scientific analysis, the risk of this type of tooth whitening is not negligible.

Specialist in dental whitening for 10 years, Whitecare is positioned on the segment of dental whitening at home and equipment for professionals. We offer a wide range of cosmetic products to lighten teeth for individuals, beauty salons and dental aesthetics professionals. In direct relation with French cosmetic laboratories and one of the American leader in teeth whitening, all our products are clinically tested and comply with the European standards in force. They are painless and are guaranteed safe for your health. You will therefore have a better chance of lightening your teeth with our solutions while guaranteeing quick results without pain. Should your teeth become sensitive, we add a remineralizing gel to all our kits to strengthen your tooth enamel after your teeth whitening.

We also provide a paper color chart on our whitening kits so you can evaluate the shade gain after each application of our gels. With our teeth whitening products, you can gain from 2 to 9 shades depending on the quality of your teeth, their health, your diet and the number of sessions you do. The length of time your teeth stay whiter varies from person to person, but the more you practice good oral hygiene and eat less staining foods, the longer your teeth will stay white.

Our offer consists of :
- home tooth whitening products: mint or strawberry flavored tooth whitening kits, syringes of low hydrogen peroxide gel, cleaning sprays, wipes, tooth care products (whitening toothpaste, charcoal powder to whiten teeth, whitening pen), led lamps to activate whitening, etc;
- all the equipment necessary for professional tooth whitening in beauty salons or dentists: dental bleaching lamps with or without training, batches of dental bleaching gels, trays for men and women, consumable accessories for dental care (bibs, spacers, applicator sticks....), etc.;
- American teeth whitening gels with 16% carbamide peroxide reserved for health professionals and gum barriers to protect gums. Thousands of private and professional customers use our products every day to whiten their teeth or those of their patients in complete safety.

When you consider that:
- nearly 90% of people feel better about themselves after tooth whitening;
- more than 90% of people believe that a smile from a loved one can brighten their day;
- studies show that people who smile often live up to seven years longer. What are you waiting for to regain a sparkling aura with a bright smile?

So, in the end, you have several options for whitening your teeth. The most permanent solution is professional teeth whitening at the dentist. It can change your smile - and your life - safely and effectively. However, this solution is by far the most expensive. If you can't afford the best in teeth whitening, you can brighten your teeth quickly and effectively by choosing our teeth whitening products Whitecare. It's a safe, fast and effective solution at the lowest prices on the market. Compare for yourself!

All our packages are shipped within 24 hours, except on weekends of course ;), and you will usually receive them within 1 to 3 business days. As for our customer service, it can be reached by email or by phone to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday.

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Frequently asked questions

The best way to whiten your teeth is to go to a dentist, because only a dentist can offer you the most effective products over time. Unfortunately, the costs are very high.

WHITECARE has been offering teeth whitening products to individuals and health and beauty professionals for over 10 years. All our products have been tested and approved by tens of thousands of users. They are effective, fast, safe and the cheapest on the market. Compare!

All WHITECARE teeth whitening products are tested annually by a specialized French laboratory and comply with European regulations. They are safe for your tooth enamel and guarantee you a high quality dental bleaching treatment. We have been selling our products to individuals and professionals (beauty salons and dentists) for over 10 years.

Be careful, many sites such as marketplaces and some beauty salons offer products that are prohibited in France. By using these products, you take a significant risk of irreparably damaging the enamel of your teeth, which will cause you dental problems later. Tooth whitening, yes, but not with just any product!

The effectiveness of tooth whitening will depend on the quality of your tooth enamel, the solution you decide to use to whiten them, and your food and dental hygiene. The results will therefore be different for everyone. However, you will get the best results at a dentist's office but the fees are very high.

WHITECARE has received enough reviews on its teeth whitening products for over 10 years to be certain of their effectiveness and safety. If you want to have a successful whitening procedure, it is best to have your teeth scaled beforehand, follow the instructions during the treatment and maintain regular oral hygiene.

The length of time a tooth whitening procedure is effective will depend on the quality of your tooth enamel, the solution you decide to use to whiten your teeth, and your food and dental hygiene. The most lasting results can only be obtained at a dentist's office, but the fees are high. If you use natural remedies, the duration of the whitening process is likely to be momentary, not to mention the danger to the health of your teeth.

WHITECARE teeth whitening products are effective, fast, safe and the cheapest on the market. If your teeth are healthy and you follow regular dental hygiene, the whitening of your teeth can last from a few days to several weeks depending on the quality of your enamel.

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