Remineralizing Gel 10ml Email Protect

➤ For strong, healthy teeth
➤ Restructures and strengthens your teeth's enamel
➤ Reduces the unwanted effects of micro burns
➤ Makes teeth less sensitive to hot and cold
➤ Quick and easy to apply: 5 minutes in your trays
➤ Individually sealed and wrapped

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Gel Reminéralisant 10ml Email Protect

Remineralizing Gel 10ml Email Protect

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Remineralizing Gel 10ml Email Protect

Gel Reminéralisant 10ml Email Protect
Gel Reminéralisant 10ml Email Protect
Gel Reminéralisant 10ml Email Protect
Gel Reminéralisant 10ml Email Protect

Smile, you will be satisfied

Immediate results

Immediate results

White Care tooth whitening gel gives you results in just 15 minutes

Secure products

Secure products

Our whitening gels comply with the European directive 2011/84/EU and are controlled each year in a French cosmetic laboratory.

A smile at the best price

A smile at the best price

French specialist in dental bleaching for 10 years, our credo is: SAFETY - EFFICIENCY - BEST PRICE.

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Description Remineralizing Gel 10ml Email Protect

You are a private individual and you have had a dental bleaching at home but you find that after the session your teeth are sensitive?

You have had a scaling at a dentist's and you also feel that your teeth hurt?

You are a beauty institute and you have performed a treatment on a client who reports a little pain on the teeth?

Sometimes this discomfort goes away after a few minutes, but most often it disappears within 24 hours. But you should know that there is a product that can help you quickly eliminate this sensitivity.

This product is called remineralizing gel.

> What are the properties of this remineralizing gel?

The remineralizing gel Email Protect WHITECARE allows the enamel to remineralize actively thanks to the presence of fluorides, calcium and phosphates. The gel has a real action to strengthen your teeth and protect your enamel thanks to the presence of fluoride.

It acts as a barrier against the acid attacks caused by the bacteria of the dental plaque. If you are sensitive to temperature differences (hot-cold), you can use the remineralizing gel without hesitation.

In summary, the remineralizing gel helps to restore, repair and strengthen your enamel.

However, it should not be used daily but punctually if necessary.

> How to use WHITECARE remineralizing gel?

As with the use of a tooth whitening gel, the remineralizing gel is applied directly to a tray. Inside the tray, you put 0.5 ml to 1 ml of gel on the lower part and 0.5 ml to 1 ml on the upper part of the jaw

You then place the tray in your mouth and let the product act for 5 minutes.

If you have a tooth whitening lamp, you can use it to allow the remineralizing gel to act more quickly.

After these few minutes, you can remove the tray but there is no need to rinse your mouth unless the product bothers you. Indeed, continue to let the remineralizing gel act on your teeth.

On the other hand, do not forget to rinse your tray with clear water.

In conclusion, the WHITECARE Email Protect remineralizing gel is easy to use, effective and allows you to safely whiten your teeth.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can use WHITECARE remineralizing gel on all types of aligners. You can choose between universal trays for men and women, thermoformable trays that can be heated, connected trays and also trays that are custom made by your dentist.

To help you not to confuse the different types of gels and their function, you can already notice a visual difference. WHITECARE tooth whitening gels are pearly white for those with 0.1% hydrogen peroxide and transparent for those with 16% carbamide peroxide. The WHITECARE remineralizing gel is blue. Besides the difference in color, it is important to keep in mind that the remineralizing gel does not have a whitening function. It can rebuild your enamel, but to get a bright smile, you should choose tooth whitening gels that contain whitening agents.

It is unnecessary and not recommended to use this gel every day. The components of the gel penetrate the enamel to repair small lesions and you can use it after a dental care, a dental bleaching and at best once a week.

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