Gum Barrier American teeth whitening

CE certified gingival barrier

➤ Gel syringes of 1,2 ml
➤ High quality gum protection
➤ For use during the American teeth whitening process
➤ Resists hydrogen peroxide and carbamide
➤ Cures with led lamp or polymerizes
➤ Precision tip for thorough application
➤ Soft and comfortable
➤ For use by oral health professionals only

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Gingival barrier syringe

Gum Barrier American teeth whitening

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Gum Barrier American teeth whitening

Gingival barrier syringe
Gingival barrier syringe
Gingival barrier syringe
Gingival barrier syringe

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Immediate results

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Secure products

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Description Gum Barrier American teeth whitening

You are a professional and you are used to practice American teeth whitening but you no longer have a gum barrier?

This product is an essential element to respect the American teeth whitening protocol.

We will explain everything to you so that you can be fully informed about this technique and the advantages of having gum barriers in your tooth whitening kit.

> What exactly is American teeth whitening?

American teeth whitening is a technique that, as its name suggests, comes from the United States, a pioneer country in the practice of teeth whitening.

This treatment uses a whitening gel whose main agent, hydrogen peroxide, is strongly dosed at 6%.

In the European Union, the only gel authorized for cosmetic tooth whitening is the 0.1% hydrogen peroxide gel for non-health professionals.

As you can see, the dosage is totally different, which means that the 6% hydrogen peroxide gel (which you can also find under the name 16% carbamide peroxide gel) is by definition more abrasive.

When you say more abrasive, you also mean that you need to protect your customers or rather your patients.

Therefore, in the American teeth whitening technique, it is necessary to protect the gums of people who may be very sensitive to contact with the whitening gel.

This is where the gum barrier comes in.

> What are the properties of the gum barrier?

The gingival barrier is a light-curing resin barrier designed to protect the gums when bleaching with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in the dental office. The gum protection gel also isolates and protects adjacent teeth to target specific dental areas.

Presented in a syringe with a fine and precise tip, the gum barrier is applied directly to the gums. It is blue in color and forms a kind of paste on the gums. This paste hardens when a light curing lamp or a WHITECARE LED lamp is used for 30 to 60 seconds.

Once hardened, the gingival barrier plays its full role in protecting the gums.

The WHITECARE Gingival Barrier contains a 1.2 ml concentration of gel that allows you to provide complete care for your patients with complete peace of mind. This product is CE certified which is very rare on the market.

You can then apply the tooth whitening gel to your patient's teeth with complete peace of mind.

> How to use the gingival barrier more precisely?

To make American teeth whitening easy, you first need a dental retractor. This retractor allows you to fully open your patient's mouth.

You will then have access to your patient's entire dentition, but you will also make their gums visible.

It is at this point that you can use the gingival barrier by respecting the following steps:

1- Remove the cap from the syringe and insert the metal tip for application on the gums.

2- Apply a sufficient amount of the gingival barrier to the gums and dental interstices.

3- Polymerize the entire gingival barrier using a light curing lamp or WHITECARE LED lamp for 30-60 seconds.

4- Apply the tooth whitening gel (sold separately).

5- Once the treatment is over, remove it. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Note that the capacity of the gingival barrier syringe is 1.2 ml, which corresponds to one use per person.

Once again, for a safe American teeth whitening, the gingival barrier is the essential product to avoid any inconvenience to your patients and to allow a comfortable and pleasant care.

&gt Ingredients

Urethane Dimethacrylate, Triethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate, Fumed Silica, Silanated Barium Glass Powder, Pigments, Curing Agents and Stabilizers.

Frequently asked questions

By definition, the gum barrier is a protection for the client's gums. The 0.1% hydrogen peroxide gel is therefore very low in dosage. It is also used with a mouthpiece that allows the gel deposit to be targeted to the teeth. It is therefore not necessary to apply an additional gingival barrier.

Nevertheless, if you are confronted with clients who report that they have sensitive gums, the gum barrier can be a very suitable solution. This way, you will be performing a classic teeth whitening procedure with an additional protection that is a strong element of reassurance for your clients.

The answer is clear: NO. We remind you that American teeth whitening uses a gel applied directly to the teeth that contains a 6% hydrogen peroxide dosage. This product is abrasive and can potentially irritate the gums. It is therefore important to protect them before any treatment with a gum barrier

The gingival barrier once applied and in contact with the lamp has a hard consistency. Therefore, if you perform two 30-minute sessions in a row, you do not need to remove this gum barrier layer and repeat the procedure. Simply wait until the end of the whitening session to rinse your mouth thoroughly and remove the gum barrier.

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