Formation blanchiment dentaire professionnel

Comprehensive teeth whitening training
➤ Conducted by our WHITECARE experts
Audio only format in 16 episodes
➤ Over 2h15 of instruction
➤ Client consent form provided
➤ Nominal clearance certificate included
➤ Allows you to get started immediately afterwards with this treatment
➤ Knowledge test
➤ Not CPF eligible


Formation blanchiment dentaire professionnel

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Formation blanchiment dentaire professionnel


Smile, you will be satisfied

Immediate results

Immediate results

White Care tooth whitening gel gives you results in just 15 minutes

Secure products

Secure products

Our whitening gels comply with the European directive 2011/84/EU and are controlled each year in a French cosmetic laboratory.

A smile at the best price

A smile at the best price

French specialist in dental bleaching for 10 years, our credo is: SAFETY - EFFICIENCY - BEST PRICE.

Description Formation blanchiment dentaire professionnel

Why take a dental bleaching course?

You are attracted to the activity of dental bleaching but you do not know how to practice this treatment.

If you want to provide a safe service for your clients, the best thing to do is to take a cosmetic dental bleaching course.

You'll never replace a dentist, but you'll be able to provide quality care, with certified products and very satisfying results for your clients.

And, to top it all off, this service will remain financially accessible for your customers while bringing you a very interesting additional turnover.

So don't waste any more time and take the plunge: follow our WHITECARE dental whitening training as a podcast.

Contents of the WHITECARE teeth whitening training

As experts in the field of tooth whitening since 2011, we have supported thousands of beauty salons, independent beauticians, career changers, hair salons and SPAs in the launch of their services.

For years we have offered telephone training in dental whitening, but now you can train on your own with our even more complete podcast version. It is not necessary to take a face-to-face course to understand this type of treatment. Of course, you will have to practice it afterwards but, as you will see, if you follow our advice to the letter, you will soon be at ease.

In our training, we will deal with many subjects such as the origin of yellowing teeth, oral hygiene, the different techniques of teeth lightening, the European regulations, the necessary materials, the treatment protocols, the contraindications, the results obtained and the adjustments according to the typology of your clientele, the profitability for your company and many others.

Validation of the training

At the end of the training, you will be able to test your knowledge with a MCQ (multiple choice questionnaire) of about twenty questions.

As soon as you have answered them, you can contact us by email via our contact form in order to receive your personal certificate of accreditation as well as the consent form to be signed by all your clients before each treatment.

Your certificate of accreditation will validate that you have completed the WHITECARE dental bleaching training.

You will then be able to start your whitening business.

This training is not eligible for the CPF and that is why we have decided to offer it at a very competitive price. We would also like to point out that there is no training in dental whitening that is eligible for the CPF. If an organization offers it to you, it is necessarily a misappropriation of public funds under the guise of another training, which is prohibited and reprehensible by law.

Our customer service will remain at your disposal for any additional information or questions after having followed our audio training.

You have all the cards in hand to add a new care service to your catalog with peace of mind.

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