Smile Power professional teeth whitening lamp

➤ High end dental bleaching lamp
➤ Adjustable power: 40 watts
➤ Adjustable light intensity: 200-300mW/cm2
➤ Light spectrum: 460-490nm
➤ Digital screen controlled by integrated microcomputer
➤ Robust model on wheels
➤ Handle to adjust the lamp head
➤ Adjustment up to 30 minutes of care
➤ Very simple assembly instructions
➤ Shortened treatment time: 15 minutes per session
➤ 2 years warranty

€1,008.00 €1,260.00 -20%

Smile Power professional teeth whitening lamp

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Smile Power professional teeth whitening lamp

€1,008.00 €1,260.00
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  • -20%

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Immediate results

Immediate results

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Secure products

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A smile at the best price

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Description Smile Power professional teeth whitening lamp

You wish to start your dental whitening activity or expand your catalog of treatments. Are you looking for a reliable, robust, modern and fast dental bleaching lamp?

We present you our brand new lamp model, the Smile Power Plus.

> Why choose the Smile Power Plus ?

There are many teeth whitening lamps on the market and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. We have carefully selected this Smile Power Plus model to meet the needs of both dentists and beauty professionals.

You will undoubtedly be seduced by the quality of this product. The Smile Power Plus will allow you to improve the results of a dental bleaching treatment. It acts very quickly by catalyzing the whitening agents. 

Equipped with a microcomputer, it works with a cold light composed of LEDs. These LEDs are adjustable. For example, you can decide to whiten just the upper jaw during an in-office treatment. No problem, only the upper LEDs will be activated. For a complete treatment in a salon, for example, both rows of LEDs will be on. 

The ergonomic shape of the lamp head allows you to irradiate all teeth evenly. You can even adjust the power output of the LEDs. The adjustment is made from 40% to the maximum power of 100%. 

As you can see, the Smile Power Plus allows you to perform customized treatments.

On wheels, it is very robust with its 21 kg but also very handy. This handiness is reinforced by a handle located towards the head of the lamp. The objective is to be able to position the lamp as well as possible in front of the mouth of the customers or patients and to allow the most effective action possible.

Another important point is the duration of the treatment. You can achieve very effective treatment sessions in only 15 minutes thanks to the power of the LEDs. For a complete treatment of 3 sessions in a row, the time spent will be 45 minutes instead of the usual hour. The time saving is always very appreciated to satisfy the customers at best. But if you wish to keep your habits with treatments of 3 times 20 minutes, it is also quite possible.

Guaranteed for 2 years, this lamp will offer you a comfort of use and an unequalled number of hours of care.

> Main technical characteristics of the Smile Power Plus

- Cold blue light
- 2 rows of 4 LEDs
- Light density: 200 - 300 mW/cm².
- Autonomy > 50 000 hours
- Power: 40 VA
- Control by integrated microcomputer
- Time control at the lamp head
- Digital display
- Ergonomic base for optimal use
- Spectrum : 460 - 490 nm
- Power supply: 100/240 volts
- Dimensions : 150 cm x 123 cm x 60 cm
- Package weight: 21 kg
- 2 years warranty

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