Smile Power Tooth Whitening Kit + Training


This professional teeth whitening kit contains:
1 Smile Power professional teeth whitening lamp.
2 pairs of UV glasses.
1 professional color chart.
20 women's trays.
✅ 20 tooth whitening gels with 0.1% hydrogen peroxide.
20 bibs.
2 60 ml cleansing sprays.
20 purifying wipes.
40 applicator sticks.
20 plastic pouches.
POP: flyers and posters.

➤ Cosmetic dental bleaching with adapted gels with 0.1% peroxide
➤ Care protocol in accordance with legislation
➤ Kit with 20 complete 1-hour treatments or 60 20-minute sessions
➤ Robust, powerful, ergonomic lamp
➤ Many possible settings
➤ Intuitive digital screen, integrated microcomputer
➤ Top-of-the-range lamp for institutes and dental practices
➤ Rapidly assured profitability

€1,267.35 €1,491.00 -15%

Smile Power Tooth Whitening Kit + Training

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Smile Power Tooth Whitening Kit + Training

€1,267.35 €1,491.00
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Immediate results

Immediate results

White Care tooth whitening gel gives you results in just 15 minutes

Secure products

Secure products

Our whitening gels comply with the European directive 2011/84/EU and are controlled each year in a French cosmetic laboratory.

A smile at the best price

A smile at the best price

French specialist in dental bleaching for 10 years, our credo is: SAFETY - EFFICIENCY - BEST PRICE.

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Description Smile Power Tooth Whitening Kit + Training

Do you have only one goal: to start whitening your teeth with high quality equipment?

With WHITECARE you can select several kits with professional teeth whitening lamps.

But if there is one model that will catch your attention at an affordable price and with a quality that you find in the dental office, then look into this Smile Power + training kit.

Let's take a closer look at this high-end cosmetic teeth whitening kit.

> Contents of the Smile Power + training kit

Here are the contents of the kit:
- the Smile Power professional teeth whitening lamp;
- 20 product and accessory kits;
- WHITECARE training

Now let's take a closer look at the contents of this kit.

> Why is the Smile Power considered a high-end lamp?

There is no doubt that the Smile Power lamp is positioned in the high-end segment of the professional teeth whitening lamp market.

Of course, it comes on a stand with wheels for easy handling. It also has a handle that allows the lamp head to be positioned in front of the client's mouth for treatment.

But its real assets are technological.

Its power of 40 watts brings a speed and an effectiveness of care.

In addition, its technology based on 2 rows of 4 cold light LEDs allows the practitioner to adjust the treatment to the client's needs.

Another advantage is its ability to adjust the power output. You can indeed adjust the power from 40 to 100% with ease. You can practice treatments up to 30 minutes per session. But from 15 minutes, the results can be visible. This is the recommended duration for a treatment session to be repeated twice.

Obviously, as with any blue LED light lamp, the client or patient must protect his or her eyes during the treatment with UV glasses. It is even recommended that the practitioner wear these UV glasses when handling the lamp while it is on.

Between its many possible adjustments, a design sought in a single goal, the comfort of the customer, its power and its longevity, you can only be seduced by this model. Robust with its weight of 21 kg, it will arouse all your confidence.

We recommend the Smile Power lamp for beauty centers, training centers and dental practices.

> What are the product kits included in the Smile Power + training package?

In the Smile Power + training kit, a set of products is included which allows you to perform more than 20 complete treatments (by complete treatment, we mean 3 consecutive treatment sessions between 15 and 20 minutes).

You will find the list of these products above in the description.

You should know that they can be divided into two categories. The first category includes bibs, wipes, sticks and cleaning sprays. The objective here is to prepare the care with a complete cleaning of the teeth.

Then in the second category, you will find products for whitening with 0.1% peroxide gels and their indispensable accessories, the trays. This way, you will be able to practice safe care without directly intervening in your client's mouth.

> What does the WHITECARE dental bleaching training consist of?

Before you start whitening your teeth, even if no diploma is required, we strongly recommend that you take a training course.

This training will familiarize you with the techniques of cosmetic tooth whitening. It will also teach you more about the legislation in force to avoid all the excesses that are too often present in this activity.

You will be able to benefit from this training as soon as your order is shipped. Simply go to your customer area where you will find a heading "MY TRAINING". It will give you access to our audio training of 16 episodes that you can listen to as you wish during 10 days maximum. After having followed our 16 episodes of a total duration of 2h15, you will fill in a final questionnaire of 20 questions proving that you have followed our training module.

Then, by email, you will receive a set of documents: a copy of the customer consent form, a grid of price recommendations.

These documents will be completed by a certificate of accreditation which will allow you to validate your training.

Thanks to this complete training offered in the Smile Power kit, you will be ready to start your activity. This formula has already proven itself with our numerous partners in beauty salons and beauticians who have trusted us for over 12 years.

> Technical specifications of the Smile Power lamp

- Cold blue light
- 2 rows of 4 LEDs
- Light density : 200 - 300 mW/cm²
- Autonomy > 50 000 hours
- Power : 40 VA
- Control by integrated microcomputer
- Time control at the lamp head
- Digital screen
- Ergonomic base for an optimal use
- Spectrum : 460 - 490 nm
- Power supply: 100/240 volts
- Dimensions: 150 cm x 123 cm x 60 cm
- Weight of the package: 21 kg
- 2 years warranty

> Composition of the professional kits

- 20 teeth whitening gels with 0.1% hydrogen peroxide
- 20 bibs
- 20 women's trays
- 20 purifying wipes
- 40 applicator sticks
- 2 cleaning sprays 60 ml
- 20 plastic bags
- Flyers and posters

> WHITECARE training details

- 16 episodes in podcast format of 2h15
- a customer consent form
- a price recommendation grid
- a certificate of empowerment

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