Do you want to start a cosmetic dental bleaching business? Do you own a dental institute and would like to offer whitening as a service? Or are you a dental practice and would like to whiten your patients’ teeth?

WHITECARE® has been supporting you for over 10 years! More than 5000 beauty salons and as many beauticians have already benefited from our training. Why not you?

Bandeau formation Whitecare

1. How can I benefit from WHITECARE® tooth whitening training?

With every purchase of a WHITECARE®professional pack, you will receive free training in tooth whitening with one of our whitening experts!

This training allows you to discover one by one the products included in your pack.

It helps you master the cosmetic tooth whitening technique.

The aim is to enable you to carry out this service in accordance with the rules of the art and to practice with complete peace of mind.

At the end of the training, you will be ready to start this activity of dental bleaching.

But if you want to know more about its content, read on.

2. What is the WHITECARE® dental bleaching training?

The WHITECARE® dental whitening training course is aimed at anyone who has ordered a professional dental whitening pack

After receiving and assembling your equipment, our experts offer you a personalised telephone training session and answer all your questions.

This moment of exchange is completed by :

– the training manual offered: keep it, a lot of information is available in this complete manual.

– the consent forms for your clients: it is strongly recommended that they sign this consent form before undergoing a dental bleaching treatment.

– the recommended treatment times and average fees: this is a valuable aid to help you charge attractive and profitable fees. The aim is to have a win-win relationship (for you and for your clients);

– a certificate of accreditation is given to you at the end of the training. This certificate proves that you have followed the WHITECARE training and that you are familiar with the products and treatment protocols.

Certificat habilitation Whitecare

3. The different steps of the WHITECARE® training

Service clients blanchiment dentaire

You will be guided through the use of the equipment and in particular the LED teeth whitening lamps. Combining efficiency and ease of use, WHITECARE®teeth whitening devices do not require a previous degree in aesthetics.

In a second step, the French legislation, the hygiene and safety measures and the contraindications will be discussed. We will explain step by step the different teeth whitening techniques: cosmetic teeth whitening with trays, spacers or American teeth whitening.

In addition, we will give you valuable advice that will allow you to :

– choose the right whitening method for your project (cosmetic or medical);

– adapt the treatment protocol to your type of clientele;

– optimise the results of dental bleaching;

– recommend maintenance products to ensure that the effects of bleaching last;

– build customer loyalty.

Moreover, another important asset: thanks to the customisation of our training to your needs, we will ensure that your business is profitable and that you are able to make additional sales with safe and effective products.

In summary, with our advice and recommendations regarding technique, market prices, treatment times, appointment scheduling, etc., our WHITECARE® experts provide you with a turnkey solution for starting your teeth whitening business.

So take the plunge and start whitening your teeth!

From now on you can order your package which includes the professional tooth whitening lamp, the products to perform the treatments and the WHITECARE®training