Smile Luxe 119 Tooth Whitening Kit + Training


This professional dental whitening kit contains:
1 Smile Luxe 119 professional dental whitening lamp.
2 pairs of UV glasses.
1 professional dental color chart.
✅ 20 women's aligners.
✅ 20 tooth whitening gels with 0.1% hydrogen peroxide.
✅ 20 dental bibs.
✅ 2 60 ml cleaning dental sprays.
✅ 20 purifying dental wipes.
40 applicator sticks.
✅ 20 plastic pouches.
POP: flyers and posters.

➤ Professional teeth whitening kit
➤ No. 1 for dental practice
➤ Complete Business Pro Luxe kit
➤ Robust, powerful, ergonomic lamp
➤ 22 complete 1-hour treatments included
➤ Training in teeth whitening techniques
➤ Ideal formula to start an accessible and profitable business

€974.25 €1,299.00 -25%

Smile Luxe 119 Tooth Whitening Kit + Training

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Smile Luxe 119 Tooth Whitening Kit + Training

€974.25 €1,299.00
Pack Smile Luxe 119 + Formation
Pack Smile Luxe 119 + Formation
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Immediate results

Immediate results

White Care tooth whitening gel gives you results in just 15 minutes

Secure products

Secure products

Our whitening gels comply with the European directive 2011/84/EU and are controlled each year in a French cosmetic laboratory.

A smile at the best price

A smile at the best price

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Description Smile Luxe 119 Tooth Whitening Kit + Training

As a health professional, you practice dental bleaching in your office and you want to equip yourself with a professional dental bleaching lamp?

You are a beauty salon and you want to choose a top-of-the-range, resistant and long-lasting lamp?

The Smile Luxe 119 is for you. But here it is not only a question of investing in a lamp but also in a complete kit to start the treatment and to allow you to be trained in the technique of cosmetic dental bleaching.

> Why choose specifically the Smile Luxe 119 lamp?

Let's detail the main advantages of the Smile Luxe 119 lamp: itcombines design, sturdiness and unequalled power.

Equipped with 119 high-intensity LEDs, it allows for an efficient and above all homogeneous result. Its 360° rotating head and its flexible neck provide freedom of action for an unparalleled adjustment and precision

Thanks to its digital display on the head, your client will have a perfect visibility of the remaining treatment time. A final beep sounds to let you know when the session is over

This model of dental whitening lamp is very intuitive and requires very few manipulations.

Remember that the Smile Luxe 119 is an LED activation lamp. Its objective is to perform what is called "power bleaching", in other words, accelerated bleaching.

The active agent (hydrogen or carbamide peroxide) contained in the whitening gels will penetrate more easily into the tooth enamel thanks to the booster effect caused by the lamp's light wave.

The Smile Luxe 119 professional whitening lamp is therefore perfect for obtaining fast and effective results. After a session in a dental office or institute, the gain obtained can be between 2 and 9 shades.

This lamp is safe for the client/patient as long as they wear UV glasses that protect their eyes from the LED light.

The kit includes two pairs of red UV glasses.

Tip: It is not necessary to place the lamp directly on the client's/patient's mouth during treatment. It is enough to bring the lamp a few centimeters away from the mouth (3 to 5 cm) depending on the protocol, for 20 to 30 minutes.

> Apart from the teeth whitening lamp, what else is included in the Smile Luxe 119 + training kit?

As part of the Smile Luxe 119 + training kit, a complete start-up kit for your teeth whitening activity is included

With this starter kit, you will be able to perform a minimum of 60 20-minute teeth whitening sessions.

If you have never practiced tooth whitening, our training will accompany you step by step by reminding you of the regulatory framework of this practice, the vigilance to be taken in the choice of your equipment and gels, the description of the steps of the treatment, the precautions to be taken before practicing it, the advice to be given to your customers to maintain the effects of the whitening..

The purchase of a Smile Luxe 119 with the WHITECARE product kits and training will allow you to perform quality treatments with a safe and effective solution.

> The main advantage of the Smile Luxe 119 kit: our WHITECARE training

Before starting your business, it is highly recommended to undergo training. That's why we have included our WHITECARE training module in the Smile Luxe 119 kit.

This module takes place in two steps.

As soon as you order this kit on our website, you will receive by email a training manual, a price recommendation grid to help you set the best price for your clients and a client consent form. This form is to be completed before each treatment performed in your institute.

A personal authorization certificate will complete these documents. It will validate the second part of the training which will take place by telephone once you have received all your products and your lamp. Together we will go through all the steps of the teeth whitening process, but we will also give you valuable advice that you can then distill to your clients. We will also remind you of the regulatory framework and be vigilant about any special cases you may encounter.

As you can see, with the Smile Luxe 119 + training kit, you can start your teeth whitening business or expand your range of treatments offered in your institute.

Advice remains at the heart of our approach and WHITECARE will accompany you throughout your training.

Last but not least, your return on investment will be almost immediate as the product kits will allow you to make the purchase of your lamp profitable within ten complete teeth whitening sessions.

Start your own home-based teeth whitening business, it's a win-win situation: you will be able to practice a profitable activity and you will bring satisfaction to your customers.

> Technical specifications of the Smile Luxe 119 lamp

- Blue Light with Electrominescent Diode measured in MegaCandela
- 119 high intensity Leds
- Digital timer indicator with liquid crystal screen
- Autonomy: >50 000 hours
- Lamp intensity: 9000MCD
- Time control at the lamp head
- Ergonomic base for optimal use
- Smart power selection for 100-240V
- Extreme teeth whitening system
- Spectrum: 465 - 470 nm
- Power supply: 100/240 volts
- 2 pairs of glasses offered
- Weight of the pack 15 kg
- Legal warranty of conformity and hidden defects

> Composition of the professional kits

- 20 women's trays
- 20 teeth whitening gels with 0.1% hydrogen peroxide
- 20 dental bibs
- 2 cleaning sprays 60 ml
- 20 purifying dental wipes
- 40 applicator sticks
- 20 plastic pouches
- Flyers and posters

> WHITECARE training details

- a training manual
- a customer consent form
- a price recommendation grid
- a telephone training
- a certificate of accreditation

Frequently asked questions

If you purchase a Smile Luxe 119 + training package, you will be able to start your activity immediately after the training. Indeed, you will have your equipment with the professional teeth whitening lamp. But you will also have 20 kits of products and accessories.
After the training, you will be ready to start your activity.

With the purchase of a Smile Luxe 119 + training pack, you will have at your disposal 20 product kits including 20 teeth whitening gels with 0.1% peroxide.
If you follow our protocol, you will be able to perform 22 complete 1-hour treatments in 3 sessions of 20 minutes each.
Depending on the practices of beauty professionals, you may opt for shorter sessions of 20 or 40 minutes. The number of treatments performed will then be greater.
However, we recommend that you have a full one-hour treatment to optimize the results of your teeth whitening.

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