Tooth Whitening Kit Whitecare Lady's Box

This at-home teeth whitening kit contains:
3 syringes of 10 ml bleaching gel with 0.1% hydrogen peroxide.
1 universal clip-on tray.
1 5 led booster mini teeth whitening lamp.
1 17 ml cleaning spray.
1 3 ml remineralizing gel if you have sensitive teeth.
1 dental shade chart to cut out of the box to assess the shade of your teeth.

➤ Home teeth whitening kit
10 to 15 day cure depending on dosage
Safe, fast and effective method
➤ Get rid of stains caused by tobacco, coffee, tea, wine...
➤ Get your teeth bright again: gain 2 to 9 shades in one session
➤ Strawberry flavor


Tooth Whitening Kit Whitecare Lady's Box

Tooth Whitening Kit Whitecare Lady's Box

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Tooth Whitening Kit Whitecare Lady's Box

Tooth Whitening Kit Whitecare Lady's Box
Kit blanchiment dentaire Whitecare Lady's Box
Tooth Whitening Kit Whitecare Lady's Box
Kit blanchiment dentaire Whitecare Lady's Box
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Smile, you will be satisfied

Immediate results

Immediate results

White Care tooth whitening gel gives you results in just 15 minutes

Secure products

Secure products

Our whitening gels comply with the European directive 2011/84/EU and are controlled each year in a French cosmetic laboratory.

A smile at the best price

A smile at the best price

French specialist in dental bleaching for 10 years, our credo is: SAFETY - EFFICIENCY - BEST PRICE.

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Description Tooth Whitening Kit Whitecare Lady's Box

> Composition of the tooth whitening kit Whitecare Lady's Box

In our Lady's Box, you will find all the essential elements for your teeth whitening:

- 3 syringes of 10 ml whitening gel with 0.1% hydrogen peroxide
- 1 universal clip-on tray specially designed for women
- 1 5 LED mini-lamp to activate the effect of the gel
- 1 17 ml cleaning spray
- 1 3 ml remineralizing gel if you have sensitive teeth

On our box, you will find all the necessary instructions to achieve your teeth whitening at home. You will also receive a color chart that you can cut out to evaluate the shade of your teeth and then see the progress made in terms of shade gains after whitening.

You've all dreamed of having a Hollywood smile no matter what your age!

Smiling is synonymous with vitality, well-being and self-confidence.

It is our main weapon of seduction and a universal means of communication.

However, as soon as it's time to publish a photo on social networks or to share a friendly moment with friends or family, you get stuck. You don't want to show your teeth because they have yellowed over time and you are no longer satisfied with your appearance

Don't worry, yellowing teeth is a natural phenomenon that is linked to your diet and oral hygiene. Over time, the color of your teeth becomes duller. Factors such as regular consumption of tobacco, coffee, tea or any coloring products can accentuate this phenomenon.

But there are solutions to lighten your teeth again.

> What solutions to whiten your teeth?

Take action to make your teeth bright again!

To whiten your teeth, you have the possibility of calling on a dentist. Scaling is the first step to professional teeth whitening. However, this type of care is relatively expensive at the dentist's. It costs several hundred euros. These treatments are not reimbursed by Social Security and therefore require a substantial budget to carry them out.

There are also grandma's remedies with lemon, sodium bicarbonate... but their effectiveness is often unproven.

Why not opt for the Lady's Box home tooth whitening kit? Not only is this solution practical because you can use it at your own pace, but it will also save you money.

Let us introduce you to our Lady's Box so that you can look great again and feel good about yourself.

> Why use our whitening kit Whitecare Lady's Box?

We have developed an easy-to-use, effective and safe at-home teeth whitening kit.

We have been working for over 10 years with an American laboratory that manufactures our gels with the latest scientific formulation. These gels have a very low hydrogen peroxide content of 0.1%.

This hydrogen peroxide content complies with European regulations and allows us to certify that our products are safe for your teeth and your health.

Moreover, every year, all our products and our home tooth whitening kits are tested and validated by a French laboratory.

The Lady's Box is specially designed for women to successfully whiten their teeth at home.

We have chosen a pleasant flavor for our whitening gels because you will have a delicious strawberry taste in your mouth during your treatment.

Before we go into detail about the contents of our box, you only need to do a daily 20-minute session at home to get quick results.

Thanks to our kit, you will be able to clean your teeth before the treatment, apply the professional teeth whitening gel with the tray provided and the activating LED lamp and also apply a remineralizing gel in case of strong sensitivity of your teeth.

At the end of the sessions, you will even have a color chart that allows you to evaluate the color gain. With our Lady's Box, you can gain from 2 to 9 shades!

Everything is planned to ensure that your at-home teeth whitening treatment goes smoothly.

> Instructions for use

Let's summarize the steps of the at-home teeth whitening process:

1 - First, prepare your tray to clip onto the battery-operated mini LED light. You just need to remove the small protective tab from the batteries before you can turn it on properly by simply pressing the button on top.

2- Spray your toothbrush with the cleaning spray 4 to 5 times and brush your teeth. Do not rinse your mouth after brushing.

3- Apply whitening gel on the top and bottom of your tray: 1.5 ml on each side.

4- Insert the tray in your mouth and turn on the lamp for 20 minutes.

5- After 20 minutes, remove the tray, rinse it and rinse your mouth as well.

6 - If you feel that your teeth are sensitive, you can use the blue remineralizing gel at the end of the treatment. Simply spread the gel on the sides of the tray and then apply it to your teeth for 5 minutes. Do not rinse your mouth after 5 minutes. The remineralizing gel allows to restructure your enamel and to reinforce your teeth.

A quick look in front of the mirror is necessary to see the first effects of home tooth whitening.

But don't forget that your box allows you to do at least 10 sessions (you can decide to apply less gel, for example 1 ml on each side of the tray and thus gain 5 additional sessions).

Of course, you will have to maintain the effects of the whitening, but admit it, you are happy to have your smile back and to show it off in society.

Our Lady's Box is made for you, try it!

> Ingredients in the whitening kit Whitecare Lady's Box

Here is the list of ingredients for each product in the Lady's Box.

- Whitening gel: Glycerin, Propylene glycol, Carbomer, Strawberry, Triethanolamine, Mica, Sodium carbonate peroxide, Aqua, Sucralose, Limonene.
- Cleansing spray: Aqua, Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract, Glycerin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Poloxamer 188, Alcohol, Mentha spicata herb oil, Poloxamer 407, Sodium chloride, Sucralose, Caffeine, L-Menthol, Sodium citrate, Sodium sulfate, Sodium benzoate, Polysorbate 20, CI 42090, Limonene.
- Remineralizing gel : Propylene glycol, Glycerin, Aqua, Xylitol, Xanthan gum, Mentha piperita oil, Calcium pyrophosphate, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Lactic acid, Potassium nitrate, Sucralose, Sodium fluoride, Cellulose gum, CI 42090, Benzyl alcohol, Limonene.

Frequently asked questions

The Whitecare Lady's Box teeth whitening kit can be used by all adult women who are not pregnant or nursing. Our strawberry flavor is specially designed for women, but if a man prefers this flavor to the traditional mint tooth whitening gel, he is of course perfectly allowed to buy this box.

By using the entire contents of your box and maintaining impeccable dental hygiene, you can gain from 2 to 9 shades for your teeth. However, keep in mind that home tooth whitening is even more effective if you avoid all staining products. The consumption of tobacco, coffee, tea, spices and chocolate has an undeniable staining effect.

Home tooth whitening with the Whitecare Lady's Box does not guarantee an official duration of effectiveness. Indeed, each individual has a very specific enamel. For some people with porous enamel, the effects of whitening will be quick and long. For people who have resistant enamel, tooth whitening at home or in an institute may take longer. In addition, the whitening obtained must be well maintained to extend its effectiveness from a few weeks to several months.

The Whitecare Lady's Box includes tooth whitening gels with 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. This dosage is authorized by law and the gels are sold over the counter because they are considered safe. You can therefore perform your teeth whitening at home without risk. Moreover, if you have sensitive teeth, we have added a remineralizing gel that will restructure and strengthen your teeth. You can therefore use the Whitecare Lady's Box with confidence.

After using a teeth whitening kit, you should maintain the whitening of your teeth. Of course, you must brush your teeth after each meal. But we offer very useful products with our whitening toothpaste foam but also the whitening pens for a quick and mobile use. Finally, we have also selected for you a natural product, the charcoal powder that we associate with a bamboo toothbrush. Beyond this ecological aspect, the charcoal powder allows you to whiten your teeth naturally but also brings benefits to your sensitive gums.

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