Tooth Whitening Kit

You wish to carry out a dental bleaching at home and you do not know which products to choose? Whitecare has selected for you a set of kits to best meet your needs

There are two main categories of products. The first category is made up of complete kits with, of course, the flagship product: the teeth whitening gel Whitecare with 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. This gel is the only one authorized for cosmetic teeth whitening at home. You can be reassured immediately about the quality of our gel. It has been manufactured for 10 years in the United States by a pioneering laboratory in this market, it is reliable, complies with European regulations and is certified each year by an independent French cosmetic laboratory. Its traceability is also a guarantee of quality

But our kits also include other products that are essential to the success of an at-home teeth whitening treatment: a tray, a mini LED lamp, a cleaning spray, a remineralizing gel, etc. The color charts that come with these kits allow you to evaluate the shade gain achieved during your teeth whitening treatment.

In the second category of products, you will find products for maintaining your teeth whitening at home: from powder to activated charcoal, whitening toothpaste foam and whitening pen, you will have the choice.

Frequently asked questions

If you buy one of our 3 whitening boxes Whitecare (Whitecare Box Pro, Lady's Box and Black Box), you will get 3 syringes of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide tooth whitening gel of 10 ml.
To perform a 20-minute treatment, you will only use a maximum of 3 ml of gel. You can therefore do at least 30 20-minute sessions. These kits allow you to make a real cure of dental bleaching.

To perform a treatment, you need a tooth whitening gel that you will apply to a tray.

This tray will then be clipped onto a mini LED lamp that will activate the whitening agent.

You will keep the tray for 20 minutes and then you can rinse your mouth. You can repeat this treatment several days in a row to optimize the results.

Tooth whitening with a kit is therefore very easy to use if you follow all the instructions given.

Tooth whitening kits can be used by all adults.

However, they are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Ideally, you should have had a previous scaling done by a dentist within 6 months prior to the treatment.

If you have any oral problems, we also recommend that you visit your dentist beforehand to confirm the possibility of using a home tooth whitening kit.

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